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Aircrew Flight Equipment

TASK Aerospace offers support for Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) in the form of new products or repair of existing equipment. TASK can help procure flight equipment, perform scheduled inspections and tests, packings, maintenance and repairs, as well as fittings on your safety equipment.

TASK Aerospace personnel includes former US Air Force AFE Chief for AETC to Arizona Air National Guard AFE technicians.  TASK personnel are certified to address flight equipment requirements and to help maintain currency of your safety equipment.  TASK has recently established an extensive sewing shop along with its ongoing aircrew flight equipment maintenance shop to provide quick turnaround and scheduled maintenance of your equipment to maximize safety and minimize aircrew/aircraft downtime. Let TASK maintain your schedules and your equipment.

For more information, Contact Tony Nikopoulos or call 480.279.3207


  • Aircraft/AFE experience includes: F-15, F-16, F-22, B-2, OV-10, F-4, A-4, T-1, T-6, T-37, T-38, KC-135, C-130, C-17, TH-1, UH-1, HH-60, CV-22, DA-40, T-41, T-51, TG-10, TG-15, TG-16, TG-51, UV-18, & the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • Parachutes/Drogue Chutes, Martin Baker and ACES II egress systems
  • Equipment experience includes: Integrated Aircrew Ensemble, JSF ensemble, helmets, breathing equipment, torso harnesses, anti G-suits, survival vests, CBRN, life preservers, life rafts, anti-exposure suits, parachutes, survival kits, emergency electronic signaling devices, various test equipment, JHMCS, NVG’s, ACCES, flash blindness goggles, ALEP, restraint devices, O2 bottles, PLD’s, body armor, various survival equipment components, and equipment repairer



TASK Mesa Location:

5755 S Sossaman Rd
Hangar 46
Mesa, Arizona 85212