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TASK Training Programs

Qualified Training

  • Basic CAD/PAD (explosives) Handling
  • CAD/PAD Installation and Removal
  • Basic Ejection Seat Maintenance

TASK personnel are US Air Force Master Instructors for every aspect of Egress and CAD/PAD. In many cases, courses can be taught in native language. With the extensive turnover of personnel, and the lack of certified trainers in-house, TASK offers certified training that is recognized by US and Foreign Governments and meets the requirements of the systems.

We have developed a training program teaches the removal of the ejection seat from the aircraft, the removal of CAD/PAD items from the ejection seat, the installation of the CAD/PAD items onto the ejection seat, and the installation and check-out of the ejection seat into the aircraft. Because of the safety issues associated with handling pyrotechnic systems, each of your maintainers should be familiar with these tasks. This course will make the maintainer confident, and safe.

A custom training program can be built for your requirements, for your ejection seat, and for your aircraft. Contact TASK to help you develop Egress training programs.



TASK Mesa Location:

5755 S Sossaman Rd
Hangar 46
Mesa, Arizona 85212