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F-5 and T-38 Ejection Seat Survival Kit

Distributed by TASK Aerospace, Inc. (CAGE: 6UUB4)

Manufacturer: FORMWORKS PLASTICS (CAGE: 8T953)

Applicable Part Numbers:

Description – Part Number National Stock Number
Survival Kit Container, CNU-129/P 025-750000-5 1680-01-065-6644
Handle Assy. 024-780126-1 1660-01-034-3368
L/H Disconnect 200800-3 1660-01-032-6777
Lower Disconnect 024-780136-1 1660-01-035-0628
Lid Assy. 024-750088-1 1660-01-034-3801
Sensor Assy. 200400-5/3 1660-01-486-5297
L/H Lock Assy. 200300-5 1660-01-032-6778
Mode Transfer, R.H Lock 024-750092-1 1660-01-034-1222
Release Assy., ADS 024-750090-1 1660-01-034-4586
Selector Assy., Mode 024-700145-3 1660-01-032-3831
Dody Assy. 138-750084-1 No-NSN


Designated for use in the Second Generation Northrop F-5 and T-38 ejection seats. The container assembly is a compact, functionally integrated unit designed to provide the aircrew member with immediate availability of survival equipment.

Formworks Plastics is the qualified manufacturer for this ejection seat survival kit for the US and Foreign Militaries. Through an exclusive agreement, Task Aerospace, Inc. provides the qualified Formworks Plastics manufactured kit assemblies to all users outside of the US Government.

The Survival Kit Container was developed for the Northrop F-5, T-38 and Boeing B-52 aircraft in the 1950’s and 1960’s and is still in use by many Air Forces around the world today.

Spare components for the survival kit assembly are also available. Task can provide all survival kit contents including beacon and raft. Task is here to support your requirements in maintaining a safe and effective egress system. The survival kit is key to survival.

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