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Task personnel include the highest level of experts available on ejection seats, pyrotechnics, military marketing and former US fighter aircraft. Task can provide services from ballistic analysis and evaluations for life extensions, to design, development and test of ejection seats and their components. Let Task be your on-demand service support whether you are working a hazard classification, trying to extend the life of a pyrotechnic device, or you simply need marketing support at US and Foreign Military customers.

Task Aerospace, Mesa Team

Task egress technicians maintain ejection seats and complete egress systems. This can be done at the customer’s facilities or at the Task Aerospace Egress Shop, located at the Mesa-Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona.

Task Aerospace, Inc. specializes in ejection seat maintenance, repair, spares and overhauls.

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Task facilitates the acquisition of the pyrotechnic devices and systems for ejection seats, as well as stores deployment and egress systems. Task will support your pyrotechnic device requirements by offering design, development and test services as part of your team.

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Task provides scheduled inspections and tests, packings, maintenance and repairs, fittings on your safety equipment.

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Task Aerospace, Inc. is familiar with the “doors” required to enter the marketplace.  Task Aerospace, Inc. is your connection to US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines and Foreign Military points of contacts for your product.  With an extensive background in the following subject matter, Task Aerospace, Inc. can help.

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Our personnel consist of US Air Force Master Instructors for every aspect of Egress and CAD/PAD.

TASK Training Programs:

  • Basic CAD/PAD (explosives) Handling
  • CAD/PAD Installation and Removal
  • Basic Ejection Seat Maintenance

A custom training program can be built for your requirements, for your ejection seat, and for your aircraft.

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TASK Mesa Location:

5755 S Sossaman Rd
Hangar 46
Mesa, Arizona 85212