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Egress System Technical Support and Expertise

Task Aerospace, Inc. Egress technicians perform maintenance on ejection seats and complete egress systems.  These efforts are taking place in the US as well as in foreign countries.  Egress systems are maintained at the customer’s facilities or at the Task Aerospace Egress Shop.

Complete Egress maintenance from Organizational and Intermediate Level through Depot Level are performed to US Air Force and US Navy technical documentation.  Task Certified Technicians offer maintenance and maintenance training that includes ejection seat maintenance, explosive handling, and egress pilot training.

Task personnel includes US Government Certified Master Instructors.  For complete Egress System support, count on Task Aerospace, Inc.

Task Aerospace, Inc. specializes in ejection seat maintenance, repair, spares and overhauls.

  • ACES II and ACES Ejection Seats
    • F-16, F-15, F-22, A-10 and more
  •  ESCAPAC Ejection Seat
    • A-4 Skyhawk and S-3 Viking
  • SIIIS and SIIIS ER Ejection Seats
    • Alpha Jet and Harrier
  • NORTHROP First and Second Generation Ejection Seats
    • F-5 and T-38
  • Various Martin Baker Ejection Seats
  • North American OV-10 Bronco Ejection Seat
  • A-37 and T-37 Ejection Seats

For more information, Contact Dan Shumway or call Task at 480.279.3207

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Ejection Seat Servicing

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Aces 2

ACES II Seat Overhaul



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