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CAD/PAD Requirements and Management Program (RAMP)

Task Aerospace, Inc. offers a management tool specifically designed to efficiently manage Cartridge Actuated and Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) used in escape systems, ejection seats, aircrew flight equipment, fire suppressions and stores release systems. The CAD/PAD Requirements and Management Program (RAMP) develops fleet requirement forecasts and sustainment budgets with accuracy and ease. RAMP creates time-change maintenance schedules, manages and tracks inventory, and suggests procurement (requisition) actions. RAMP offers increased aircraft readiness by assuring availability of critical CAD/PAD items.

RAMP Configuration

The RAMP system consists of a preloaded, “stand alone” laptop and tablet. RAMP hardware and software are Windows8-based, operated either with the touchscreen or conventional mouse interface.

Designed by CAD/PAD professionals with user requirements in mind, RAMP is intuitive, user friendly and proactive. Once the initial input of existing data is complete, RAMP considers inventory, install, and procurement data to develop requirement forecasts and budgets. It utilizes this data to create maintenance schedules, procurement actions and to identify component locations. To ensure that critical data is never lost, RAMP periodically prompts the user to perform data back-up.

The program has six primary Menu/Function screens:

Menu Functions
CAD/PAD RAMP About RAMP, Adjust Program Settings, Perform Data Back-Up, Maintain Core Data
Fleet Maintenance Time-Change Maintenance (install / remove CAD/PAD, update records), Develop Schedules, Search Records, Create Reports
Manage Inventory Receive Assets, Issue Assets, Search Inventory, Create Reports
Manage Fleet Add Aircraft (Tail Numbers), Retire Aircraft
Procurement Develop Time Change Forecast, Track Contracts Status, Create Reports
Budget Develop Annual (and out-year) Sustainment Budgets, Create Reports

Many Critical Safety Items (CSIs) have Shelf/Service lives. Aircraft can be grounded and pilot safety can be compromised if spares are not available when these CSIs expire. Using RAMP will eliminate errors and mistakes that can greatly impact your budgets and can save significant manhours in unscheduled maintenance. Contact TASK for detail on procurement options.

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